After work tonight, I read an interview about American Horror Story’s most scariest character, Twisty the Clown. They revealed the actor who plays the demented demenor, John Carroll Lynch.

Such a perfect casting choice. I don’t know anyone who could play such a creepy character. And then I remembered that John Lynch also played the accused Zodiac killer in Zodiac (2007).

The first scene where we meet Twisty he shows up at the couple’s lakeside picnic. It seemed like a direct reference to one of your scenes from “Zodiac.”

Yeah. After watching it, I was like, “This seems really familiar.” It certainly seems like a refere
nce to “Zodiac” and the murder at Lake Berryessa. I didn’t realize how much until after. That was kind of the first scene I shot and I didn’t have a visual reference for the show yet. I think there are homages and quotations to other things, other famous either horror films or murders that come up. I think that’s part of the joy of the show, isn’t it? Not only is it its own thing, it’s an homage to its anthology title, which is “American Horror Story.”

After realizing the almost exact reference between the scene with Twisty the Clown and Zodiac, I was pretty much done. Just done with everything. Done with the fact that it was almost an accidental reference to Zodiac, and the fact that both characters are played by the same actor. It’s too good!

Last week, I attended my very first picture show. It was kind of like a Rocky Horror Picture Show, where fans go to a screening of the movie, dress up, go with friends, and have fun. I don’t know what goes on at a Rocky Horror one though. I went to the second Scott Pilgrim Picture Show held by Cinemattack. I immediately bought tickets. Pre-sale tickets were only $15, and you got a gift for getting a pre-sale ticket. A little button with Gideon’s symbol.

The picture show was sold out.
I loved that they covered what they could with band flyers from the movie.
They called the theater we were watching the movie in Gideon’s Chaos Theater.
More flyers and an 8-bit Scott Pilgrim to take pictures with.
At the end of the movie, they said we could take all of their flyers. So everyone raced and started ripping everything off the walls.
I felt really lucky to get these three flyers.

The experience was pretty incredible. There was a costume contest at the beginning for everyone who dressed up. I think there were nine Ramona Flowers. I really should’ve put blue highlights in my hair and cosplayed as Knives.
The movie was super interactive. We had to stand up for the 8-bit version of the Universal theme song as the movie started. And we even got up and danced when Scott & Knives were dance-fighting on the dance machines.
We shouted out words/lines with the characters in the movie. Booed at bad guys. Sang along to all the songs. Threw up plastic gold coins whenever Scott defeated an evil ex. It was so fun!
There was an incredible light show as well. They coordinated coloured lights with specific scenes. A Ramona love scene had pink lights. Bad guys had red. Gideon had black. The vegan police lasers. And the lights that went along with the music was absolutely amazing. It really added to the whole experience. I don’t think I’ve been so into a movie.

I definitely had a blast, and would love to try to go every year. It’s one of my favourite movies, and a picture show of Scott Pilgrim was just so fun. One of the funnest things I’ve ever done.

I told one of my managers about the picture show (he’s friends with Bryan Lee O’Malley) and told me about how he has an actual comic book and maybe some pins that he could possibly give me from when Scott Pilgrim first came out. And so, he brought me the comic to read (but can’t keep) and a pack of pins with some of the characters. The comic was so neat to read.

5 Years

In the last five years:

- Graduated high school with the ‘09 photography award
- I was accepted to Fanshawe College for digital photography
- Didn’t attend it because I ended up moving to Southern California in ‘10
- Worked retail while I waited to obtain California residency
- Started junior college, switching my major about 4-5 times
- Decided to change my major to fashion design in December of 2013
- Last month, I got accepted to CSULB for Fashion Design

In the next five years:
- Release my first collection for FLWR
- Graduate CSULB with my B.A. in Fashion Design (and finally be done school)
- Get promoted to full-time and perhaps supervisor, if I decide to stay with the company I currently work for
- Intern and/or assist my favourite costume designers (Robert Blackman - Pushing Daisies, Lou Eyrich - American Horror Story)
- Intern and/or design assist for Wildfox - Actually work for any of the three listed right above

I really want to have most of that crossed off within the next five years, as well as have more goals/dreams added onto there

Wish me luck! ♡

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